Pierre André Lowenstein. Photo/ Helen Robertson Photography.

Pierre André Lowenstein is a solution-oriented professional with extensive experience in digital media, post-production and web development. His expertise includes full-stack software engineering, project management, digital delivery and post-production while overseeing business processes and communications. Pierre possesses a successful track record of leading diverse teams and improving operational workflows while promoting a positive culture in fast-paced work environments.

Full Stack Web Developer

At ease with both current programming environments and classic tools, I maximize code efficiency over memory footprint. I deliver full stack applications with a strong sense of design and a cinematic touch due to years spent in post-production. I enjoy creating something unique that will entice the users' imagination.

Digital Producer

As a multi-faceted digital media specialist, I have produced, edited, scored, delivered both commercial and corporate assets. I also create news pieces for PR ingestion to accompany the assets' release. I revel in exploring new vocabularies, whether they are written-word, video, sound design or film scoring related as to always benefit my audience.